Korean Performing Arts Institute of Chicago (KPAC)

Project UL-SSI-GU 2018 Poster
KPAC's Annual Project

Project UL-SSI-GU 프로젝트 얼씨구


It is KPAC's international pungmul project to celebrate August 15, Gwangbok-jeol, Korea’s Liberation Day of Korea. Annually about 20 pungmul/music teams participate in the Project from Korea, U.S., Australia, Mexico, Malaysia, Russia, and France. Project UL-SSI-GU in Chicago has evolved to Chicago Drum Festival. 

Project UL-SSI-GU in Chicago

Chicago Drum Festival

KPAC hosted the very first Chicago Drum Festival in 2019 by inviting professional percussion teams representing Korea, Japan, China, Middle East, Puerto Rico, and Trinidad. 

KPAC's Annual Project

Rhythm Connections

 Rhythm Connections is an annual performance event for creative collaborative music pieces that are reflective of and informed by Korean traditional music and other music genres. The venues of the event include Ganz Hall/Roosevelt University, Elastic Arts and Constellation. 

International Connections

Inviting performing groups

2015 - Pyeongtaek Nongak from Pyeongtaek, Korea

2015 - Norikkot from Seoul, Korea 

2016 - Duo Bud from Seoul, Korea

2017 - Hana Art from Jeju, Korea

2019 - Tamna Culture Show from Jeju, Korea

2019 - Kim So Ra Ensemble from Seoul, Korea

2019 - KARTS Dance Company from Seoul, Korea

KPAC's Youth Pungmul Ensemble

SoriBeat show

2015 - Sangmo Pankut Showcase

2016 - 1st SoriBeat Show 

2017 - 2nd SoriBeat Show

2018 - 3rd SoriBeat Show: Hare and Tortoise 

Outreach to Cultural Festivals, Events, Workshops

Invited performances

KPAC artists make about 80 performances to an audience of 25,000 annually, including:

- Destination Asia at Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL

- CelebrAsian in Des Moines, IA

- Asian Festival in Columbus, OH

- Chicago Asian American Jazz Festival, Chicago

- Family Fun Festival in Chicago

- World Dumpling Fest in Chicago 

Outreach to public schools

Urban Gateways Touring Performance

KPAC artists annually visit about 20 public schools and libraries and make a Korean performing arts show to an audience of 7,000.