SoriBeat is the youth Korean music ensemble presented by Korean Performing Arts Institute of Chicago (KPAC). KPAC is dedicated to helping SoriBeat youth members engaged in traditional Korean cultural and performing arts, develop cross-cultural understanding, and ultimately nurture youth leadership.

SoriBeat is composed of about 30 youth members. SoriBeat is the winner of 2014 and 2017 International Korean Traditional Performing Arts Competition held in Chicago. SoriBeat is the recipient of the Young Emerging Leader Award given by Illinois Governor in 2017.

SoriBeat programs include Korean drumming, mask dance, instrumental music (gayageum and danso), chitadae (Korean marching band), and folk songs. Youth members take Korean music lessons twice a week at the Korean Cultural Center of Chicago, 9930 Capitol Dr. Wheeling.

Join SoriBeat! SoriBeat is more than Korean music!

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