How Your Donation Is Used

Through your generous donations, we continue to develop and improve our programs that provide each student with awesome learning opportunities; ones that develop his or her potential, both physical and intellectual, to the fullest extent. Here’s an overview of our programs that are supported by your donations.

Our Programs

Focus On Education

All donated funds go directly to support GPI programs by reducing fees and to provide workshops and performances at community-based events and sites. For example, GPI ran a four-Saturday free workshop on Korean drumming at Albany Park Library in the summer of 2015. It is always important to provide young students with diverse cultural experiences.

Korean Pungmul Workshop

Focus On Professional Musicianship

Your donations can help GPI continue important musicianship activities such as Rhythm Connections. This free concert can happen due to your generous contribution. Rhythm Connections brings together the past and the present; the classic and the contemporary; weaving connections across time and space to bring the excitement of the pungmul (Korean drumming and dance). Be it the rhythms of electric guitar, piano, saxophone, or the melody of haegeum (Korean fiddle), pungmul is implemented- connecting Asian and Western genres in harmony. Through these “Rhythm Connections,” we are bound together with transformational and multicultural music.

Rhythm Connections_Poster_Chicago_Final


Focus on Global Engagement and Advocacy

Global Pungmul Institute organizes “Project UL-SSI-GU” to work with communities around the globe and to celebrate the National Liberation Day of Korea and the end of World War II for world peace on August 15th.

In 2014, 15 pungmul groups from 8 different countries including the U.S., Korea, Japan, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Russia and Mexico participated in “Project UL-SSI-GU 2014”. Last year 22 teams from six different countries joined Project UL-SSI-GU 2015 and celebrated the National Liberation Day of Korean and the end of WWII by playing pungmul in their cities.

Project Ul-ssi-gu Chicago

This project will be continued next year. Wherever we are, we will bring their instruments to the streets on the National Liberation Day of Korea, August 15, 2016. As we play pungmul and engage audiences to cry out “Ul-ssi-gu joht-ta!” on that day, the globe will resound with drumming in celebration of culture and community.