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7th Annual Lunar Ball Chicago 2015

On March 7, 2015 SoriBeat participated in Lunar Ball Chicago 2015 and made a suljanggu performance. GPI’s Artist in Residence Suwan Choi and ED Byoung Sug Kim made a collaboration music piece with Jeff Chan, a saxophone player.

Cultural Exchange with Tsukasa Taiko

On February 22, 2015 SoriBeat visited Tsukasa Taiko located at Japanese American Service Center in Chicago as a youth cultural exchange activity. Tsukasa demonstrated two pieces of taiko drumming and provided a short workshop to SoriBeat youth members.

As an exchange SoriBeat made a sangmo pankut performance and taught Tsukasa members a Korean rhythm. Later we all played drums together…a lot of synergy and excitement…Such a great experience for everyone including parents! We were so sad to say goodbye at the end, so promised to invite them to SoriBeat’s place soon.

We thank all community members of Tsukasa including the director Tatsu Aoki for warm welcome and good treats as well as sharing their music.
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Cultural Festival at St. Emily School

On February 21, 2015 one of SoriBeat members, Eileen Lee invited SoriBeat to her school’s cultural festival. SoriBeat received a big round of applause several times and Korean parents were so proud of SoriBeat. Other cultural performances were great as well. It was a nice event with families, performances, and authentic foods.

soribeat 1soribeat 2

Seollal Event at Morton Grove Civic Center

On February 19, 2015 SoriBeat was invited to a Korean New Year Day (Seollal) Event by Consulate General of the Republic of Korea and made a sangmo pankut performance to celebrate it.

Lunar New Year Celebration at Milwaukee Korean School

On February 14, 2015 SoriBeat was invited to a Lunar New Year celebration event at Milwaukee Korean School and made a sangmo pankut performance.

World’s Fair at Stevenson High School

SoriBeat members are very excited to make a performance at the annual World’s Fair at Stevenson High School on Saturday, Jan 31 at 3:00 pm.

Korean Traditional Performing Arts Competition

전통 예술 경연대회


Saturday, November 15, 2014
Today, SoriBeat participated in the 1st International Korean Traditional Performing Arts Competition held at Judson University in Elgin.

Middle/high school members of SoriBeat won the 1st Prize and the little SoriBeat (elementary) won the Grand Prize. Congratulations!!!

시카고 지역에서 열린 제 1회 한국 전통예술 경연대회에서 중/고등부 큰 ‘소리빛’은 최우수상을, 초등부 작은 ‘소리빛’은 심사위원 만장일치로 대상을 수상했습니다. 축하해주세요!!!

무엇보다 전통문화를 배우는 많은 학생들을 보게되어 기뻤습니다.

Rhythm Connections 2014: Kim So Ra’s Janggu Project



Last Monday November 10, music brought people together and made them connect one to the other. Everyone seemed very happy. It couldn’t be better.

리듬커넥션 공연이 성공적으로 치뤄졌습니다. 함께 한 모든 이들이 즐겁고 행복한 시간이었던 것 같다. 그래서 스스로에게 참 수고했다고 토닥여 본다.

Coming Soon: Rhythm Connections 2014

Title cover



We are thrilled to present this upcoming concert on Monday: Rhythm Connections-Kim So Ra’s Janggu Project. Please come feel the rhythm, join the connection and enjoy it. It’s one-hour FREE special concert! Check out the programs in the attached booklet.

글로벌 풍물 인스티튜트에서 오는 월요일 ‘리듬커넥션: 김소라 장구 프로젝트’ 콘서트를 열게 되어서 상당히 설레입니다. 저희들과 함께 오셔서 신명나는 장구 콜라보 음악을 즐기시기 바랍니다.

Early Voting Day

K-Voice 1K-Voice 2


November 1st is the Korean American Early Voting Day!!! SoriBeat youth members and ED Byoung Sug Kim will volunteer at the early voting location, Glenview Village Hall. Please vote together and let’s make our numbers count.

글로벌 풍물 인스트티튜 청소년 풍물단 소리빛 5명의 중/고등학생 청소년들이 김병석 사무국장과 함께 오는 11월 1일 토요일 한인 조기 투표장소인 글렌뷰 시청에서 자원봉사를 합니다. 꼭 투표하셔서 한인 투표자의 파워를 보여주도록 합시다!!!

한인 조기 투표의 날!!!
11월 1일, 토요일 오전 9시 – 5시, 글렌뷰 시청