Happy Lunch on July 8

SoriBeat Lunch

7월 12일 공연을 앞두고 연습이 한창일 때, 풍물학교 임정숙님께서 소리빛 단원들 점심 돈까스를 직접 요리해서 가져다 주셨습니다. 감사합니다. Happy to be eating pork cutlet. Thanks, Mrs. Rim for the delicious lunch!

During ordinary practice

This is how they take a break during the practice!

SoriBeat Uniforms

Global Pungmul Institute unveiled the new set of uniforms. SoriBeat members and teachers wearing the black shirts and red pants uniforms made posing for photos at the Korean Cultural Center of Chicago. Photo credit: Myunghwan Lim

Spring Break Workshop

SoriBeat had a spring break camp from Thursday, March 27 through Sunday, March 30 at the Korean Cultural Center of Chicago. With our instructor So Ra Kim, a guest pungmul master, Mr. Seung Hun Hyun taught youth members during the camp. Mr. Hyun is a senior member of Kim Duk Soo’s Hanullim Samulnori. He visited Chicago from Korea to see his wife, So Ra Kim and helped her instruction. The synergies gained from these two special instructors helped the SoriBeat members complete the Sangmo Panguk set that they will perform in July. We really appreciate Mr. Hyun’s voluntary instruction.


Jazz & Pungmul

Jazz and Pungmul


Visiting Instructor, So Ra Kim and Artistic Director, Byoung Sug Kim collaborated the Cultural Arts Quartet (Tatsu Aoki, Ed Wilkerson, Avreeayl Ra and Jeff Chan) at Elastic on March 22, 2014. It was a really joyful night of music!

SoriBeat Winter Pungmul Retreat

SoriBeat started to learn a new set of pungmul, “Sunban Pangut.” The pungmul retreat took place in the week of December 29th from 9:30 am through 3:00 pm. It was really hard to keep playing 2-3 hours straight, but no one gave up and everyone actually enjoyed working hard. So proud of them!

Sangmo (ribbon hat) practice is one of the most challenging and fun activities.  Check out Enna’s disheveled hair after Sangmo practice. Isn’t she so cute!! LOL

We all had lots of fun, built a stronger teamwork, and developed more discipline by playing pungmul together.


SoriBeat New Year Celebration

SoriBeat celebrated New Year’s Day 2014 in a Korean traditional manner. It was a really snowy day, but everyone gathered around noon and hung out until late at night. Most members and parents wore Hanbok, the traditional Korean dress.

Sebae: Members wished their parents a happy new year by performing one deep traditional bow, saying “saehae bok mani badeuseyo” which translates to “have a blessed New Year”.  After children’s sebae, parents offered the words of wisdom and then gave them a gift of money.

Time to eat! We all had Tteokguk, Korean traditional soup with thinly sliced rice cakes.  Then everyone played the Korean traditional board game, Yut Nori!

To make the New Years day even more special and memorable, there was an unplanned talent show — a violin performance, a guitar performance, piano performances, Takwondo demos.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Korean Pungmul Master’s Arrival at Chicago


So Ra Kim image 1

So Ra Kim, a Korean pungmul musician visited Chicago on Christmas Even to teach SoriBeat members for the year 2014. She is the one of the best well-known young Korean traditional musicians in Korea. It must be a privilege to have her as a visiting instructor for SoriBeat. We sincerely appreciate Ms. Kim for her willingness to help SoriBeat. We are all so excited about learning pungmul from her. “Ul-Ssi-Gu!”

Our special thanks also go to Kim, Duk Soo who helped this arrangement.

SoriBeat full-day workshop with new members

SoriBeat had a full-day workshop with new members on November 26, 2013. They learned a Jang-Gu (a hour-glass drum) rhythms and a Sang-Mo (Hat ribbon dance) as well as playing Korean folk games. Lots of fun and laughs, and close teamwork between all members.

Fall for Korean Food – Korean Food for Fall at Korean Cultural Center of Chicago on November 16, 2013

Fall for Korean Food – Korean Food for Fall at Korean Cultural Center of Chicago on November 16, 2013

SoriBeat made a performance with a Sul-Jang-Gu piece at the event called Fall for Korean Food – Korean Food for Fall.